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The installation of machinery and its maintenance is a complex and sometimes cumbersome process due to the hundreds of components needed to achieve the purpose. All too often the status quo is to order parts in stages, from multiple companies, in multiple locations, without any relationship between them. We at Varisco & Co. believe that it is best to do it just once and do it properly. Our in-house technical experts use maintenance kits with specific parts according to your needs.
We have provided kitting services at two major fab sites with over 3,000 installations. They help reduce the risk of material shortages, minimize errors, maximize inventory efficiency, reduce inventory load and reduce installation time.


Our kiting solutions are extensive, which means that customers can choose from a wide range of products, custom and standard packaging, including returnable boxes, depending on their specific requirement and the products in the kits. Using our kits, you have everything you need in one place, perfect for visual management and a lean working environment. The kits are arranged exactly the way you want them, with any product you need, even if we don’t supply it, we can incorporate your parts into our kits, creating a fully integrated kit.



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