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We ensuring maximum safety and efficiency in accordance with high quality standard. Each product is subjected to numerous tests and evaluated on the basis of very strict parameters, so it can be applied without any kind of problem. We firmly believe in the success of each project, that’s why we choose with care the companies to rely on for the products supplies, that currently are the best in their specific fields.


Experience and knowledge of the areas in which we operate led us to an extensive network of suppliers able to meet every single specific need.


One of the world’s largest industrial chemistry conglomerates, DuPont™, can boast over 200 years of experience. Founded in Wilmington, USA, the group works in different fields such as agriculture, cosmetics, high-performance materials and polymers.


Founded in 1917, the company managed to obtain over 8,000 licences in Motion & Control technologies field. Its 139 divisions spread across more than 50 countries constantly aim at the highest standards: therefore, Parker is a precious partner for companies operating in a wide range of sectors.

Thermo Fisher

Strong with its 56.000 employees spread all over the globe,Thermo Fisher Scientific is one of the leading companies in development of biotechnology products. Founded in 2006 in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA, Thermo Fisher Scientific become rapidly a global player in its field.

Space Solutions

Space Solutions, launched in 2002, has quickly made its way to becoming one of the most important Asian manufacturers and developers in fluid monitoring and control systems field.


Magnex is one of the leading magnetic seals manufacturers also based in South Korea. Its continuous search of innovation, its quality management system and the size of its research department make it a extremely reliable partner of high quality.


Surfaces manufacturing company. Temnest (South Korea) boasts over twenty years of experience in ceramic coating field. It proves to be one of the largest coating companies in the Asian region with its numerous sites in South Korea and Japan.


For over 50 years Brita is one of the leading experts in the water optimization field. Family-run company, founded in 1966, evolved into two global companies that manufacturing domestic water filtration and professional applications products.


Founded in 1974, – is a milestone manufacturer of solenoid pumps and solenoid valves in Italy and worldwide. This company is well know for its technical and engineering know-how, for her quality, flexibility and its unique ability to develop innovative solutions.
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Equipment Lifetime Extension through Innovative and Cost Effective Solutions

SFI (former LOGITEX Instruments) is a leading supplier of services and products to support its customers to extend lifetime of production equipment at highest quality standards and competitive cost. Since more than 20 years SFI (former LOGITEX Instruments) is a reliable and certified partner of capital equipment/ component manufacturers as well as IC manufacturers throughout Europe.

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VAT is the globally leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance vacuum valves, multi-valve
units, vacuum modules and edge-welded metal bellows.


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